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Promotions and promo codes

Promotions are special offers that we make to new and current customers. They may provide a discount on merchandise or free shipping on an order. They usually have an expiration date.

Before using any promotion, be sure to check its terms and conditions for specific guidelines and restrictions. Most of our promotions cannot be combined with other offers or discounts.

There are two kinds of promotions:

  • Coded promotions, which require you to enter a code as you check out. There are two types of codes:
    • Unique codes: Used for promotions offered to current customers via email, the postal service, or in person. The codes are composed of a combination of 12 letters and numbers (for example, "PWFXYPFGC2DD"). Unique codes are usually found in a designated area of the message or coupon.
    • Generic codes: Used for promotions available to new and returning customers, via email, on our website, or on Facebook or Twitter. Generic codes can be any number of letters or numbers, but often represent the promotion itself (for example, "FREESHIP" or "TAKE30OFF").
  • Category promotions, which don't require the use of a code. These promotions are offered to anyone who shops on our websites for a specific item or category of items (for example, "adult jeans" or "Kids and Baby") or during a specific period (for example, "Labor Day"). The discounted price appears with the item description.

For information on using a promotion code, see the related topic on this page, Payment options.

For information on returning an item purchased with a promotion code, see Refunds and credits.