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Tracking Shipments

Whether you choose standard delivery or overnight, you can follow your order's progress online.


There are two ways to track a shipped item.

  • You can either track the shipment using the tracking number provided on the shipper’s website


  • You can enter the tracking number on our website using this page to track the item.


In some cases, we may send an order in multiple packages. When we do, we provide tracking information for all packages, as well as details on which items you can expect in which package. You are charged only once if we choose to send your order in more than one package.

Please Note:

  • Tracking information will be available only after an item has shipped.
  • Tracking information for packages shipped via freight may not be available for up to 48 hours after tracking information is sent to you.


What happens next?

The shipping carrier provides a detailed pathway for your delivery and has the most up-to-date information. However, if your package has not arrived within the shipping time you specified when you ordered, feel free to contact us.